• This is a procedure that examines the woman's womb to diagnose and treat problems in the womb.
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Hysteroscopy is a procedure which enables your doctor to check the lining and the inner shape of your womb. This is done by passing a thin fibre-optic telescopic camera through the neck of the womb (cervix).

It offers the benefit of diagnosis and treatment of uterine abnormalities i.e., “see and treat”
that may be associated with infertility, such as:
 Heavy periods
 Irregular periods
 Bleeding in-between periods
 Bleeding after intercourse
 Bleeding after menopause
 Excessive vaginal discharge
 Investigation of infertility
 Polyps and fibroids, uterine scarring and cavity adhesions, septum inside the womb and before carrying out ablation to manage heavy periods.

Most of the times this is carried out as an outpatient procedure, but sometimes, admission to the hospital is required. It is a day case procedure - usually takes less than a day - and may be performed with or without anesthesia.

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