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To every expectant mother out there! (for now and the future). I will like to start by saying that in God all things are possible. Believe the best and be positive. It will happen. I believed for 10+ years and then my desire started to manifest since 2013. I conceived my first child, 10 years after my first encounter with Dr. Ogunkinle

We would like to thank you for the positive experience and extraordinary care and attention provided all through our treatment. That personal touch we always look for in a Doctor was very prominent and you provided explanations when we were in doubt. We are very eased with the final result of our treatment

We happily got married and expected conception to follow soon after, however within the first 3 years of marriage, no conception had happened. Within this period, we had visited several centres to seek help but the feedbacks were on the negative side until a very dear friend advised we visit Origene Health Service. The Origene team were wonderful from first contact till date.

Dear Origene Family, I am overjoyed and filled with immense gratitude to Almighty God! I cannot express enough how thankful I am for you, Doctor, and your extraordinary staff. My heart is bursting with joy that my dear friend recommended you to me. You are undeniably one of the most exceptional doctors I have ever had the privilege of knowing. This entire journey, although challenging at times, has been made so much brighter because of you! Your patience, thoroughness, and genuine concern have been a ray of sunshine in my life. But that's not all, your words of encouragement, thoughtfulness, and even your prompt return of all my phone calls have truly touched my heart. It's incredible, and quite rare, to find a doctor who goes above and beyond like you do! I am genuinely impressed by your expertise and the way you manage your practice. The world needs more doctors like you! I would wholeheartedly recommend you without a moment's hesitation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done. You have played an integral role in turning our dreams into reality. Sending you all my love and gratitude. Mr and Mrs K.

Knowing Origene Fertility is the best thing that happened to us. The journey was pleasant. If one is not patient, you can't run with Dr O. We were part of the first family of Origene Fertility. When it was formed, we were there. The staff were professional and good. They kept repeating the phrase “just trust us to do the right thing”. When we had the Egg collection, I wept through the process, but I was reassured that it will end in praise. Lo and behold the transfer was done. Next thing was to wait two long weeks for the pregnancy test. And I remember sending the result to Dr. Ogunkinle at about 03:00 in the morning. Dr O. was like Madam, you mean you were not sleeping?! My twin boys will be 2 years in February 2023. Glory be to God Almighty. Mr. and Mrs. E.

My Wife and I discovered Origene while looking for safe and affordable fertility medical services in Nigeria in September 2018. Finding a good doctor wasn't an easy task because although it was expected that a good number of doctors where in this practice, not many patients were open to share their experience or at least give a review for us to gauge. At the time we were in a hurry to get the procedure done because of the anticipation of having potential success by summer. Fortunately, or Unfortunately, this wasn't the case although we admit it was a very special journey nonetheless. The Origene staff pay good attention to detail. Dr. Ogunkile and Mrs. Dayo Yusuf are very friendly and become a unique part of your lives. I liked to think of them almost as Father Time and Mother Nature. They are a very experienced pair and it honestly didn't feel like a patient/doctor relationship, it was more. They were always checking up on us and making sure we were okay throughout the entire procedure. They would go the extra mile always and this included numerous sessions of counselling. They were there during the happy moments and the sad, the laughter and the tears. It was an emotional roller-coaster which turned out for the best. The day we had all been expecting finally arrived with the first test result at 7am coming out as false negative. I remember the shivers running down my spine and being thrown into a temporary state of confusion. We embraced our fears and with face in palm, teeth chattering we repeated the test almost instantaneously. JACKPOT...we hit the lottery. God bless Dr. O, Mrs Dayo Yusuf and Origene!!!!

2019 is indeed a reality for me. I got married in the year 2013 and since then, I have been believing God for the fruit of the womb. In the year 2015, I and my husband decided to try IVF which eventually did not work, After which we decided to give it a try again using "Origene Health Services " When we got there for the first time, I was just looking around and saying within my self " will this thing work here " but something gave me hope, the inspirational words written on the walls all round the clinic was indeed touching to my soul. At the end of the day, I got pregnant. I want to use this opportunity to thank the Doctors especially Doctor Ogunkinle who was my doctor and even the Nurses who will always make me laugh each time I visit there, During the cause of the treatment, they will always tell me that "This will work" and give me words of encouragement. To the glory of God, I am now a mother of a lovely boy, I decided to wait till I put to birth to share this lovely testimony. The God who has done this is still in the business to do it for so many couples out there, all what you need to do is have faith in God. Mr & Mrs A U

Dear Dr. Ogunkinle, We sincerely want to thank you and the entire staff of Origene, you guys were phenomenal!!!!!!!!! I remember our first consultation, you said you don’t give babies but you will offer the best of service and you sincerely hope that a baby will come out of it. Thank you for keeping to your word! Thank you for paying attention, thank you for not giving up on me and my funny attitude of missing timelines and appointments!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!! Whatever the Lord does is forever, we intend to visit with the babies (honeymix) as you call them!!!! And celebrate with you all. Once again thank you so much, my deepest gratitude goes to the team too. The Nurses, the embryologist, ( she kept calling to check on me all the time), the receptionist, the money man( our invoices are up to date), the security guys and everyone working behind the scene. I pray that the Lord will bless you all richly!!!!!!!!!!. Yours Sincerely,

I got married Oct 2016 and anticipated for pregnancy. I did several fertility test including HSG so also my husband. I was diagnosed with blocked tube, anovulation, high prolactin and my husband low sperm count. I stumbled on the ATG group on FB, joined ATG 2017 and signed up for the Gold Membership package and Dr Esther was assigned to me. I was referred to a Gynae and asked to do several fertility test and HSG. I scanned my test results to her. She advised that the chances of getting pregnant naturally with one blocked tube while the other was partially blocked coupled with my husband's low sperm count was slim, she would recommend IVF. At that instant, two things were my problem. Convincing my spirikoko husband and how to raise the funds cos I knew it was an expensive procedure. To God be the glory, I was able to convince my husband as he is a science teacher and knows about ivf. Then, the journey started. I sent a mail to Dr Esther for referral to see a Fertility Specialist. She sent me the letter to see Dr Babatunde Ogunkinle at Origene Health Service Ltd in Ikoyi. I scheduled a meeting with him. I didn't even have up to N30k in my account with all the steps I took o. Myself and my husband went to see him on the schedule date. We had a brief discussion and he said we were going to do some blood test and scan. We couldn't even afford it so we went back when we had the money and the journey started in March 2019. He diagnosed me with Polyps and advised we take it off first before the IVF proper so it doesn't hinder the success of the procedure. I was referred to his colleague friend for the Hysteroscopy (removal of polyps) in June. Went back to him after the surgery but Dr Ogunkinle discovered there were still remains or probably it grew back. And sent me back to do the procedure again in September,2019. Dr Ogunkinle gave us the opportunity of paying twice (60% and 40% balance before the embryo transfer). Then, I started my numerous drugs and injections before the egg collection in December. And boom, the egg collection was done successfully with several eggs collected. Went to work the following day only to feel discomforted not knowing I had severe OHSS. One of the Fertility Nurses at Origene called randomly to know how I was doing. I told her I wasn't fine that am nauseated and my tummy ache. She advised I came to the hospital immediately. I spent about a week at the hospital so we couldn't do the embryo transfer as scheduled. My embryos were frozen. Then, we planned March for the transfer. It was done before the lockdown but unfortunately failed. I was broken, my husband too was angry but we kept our cool. I questioned God! The hospital tried reaching us but we avoided them. On my 32nd Birthday, I brazed up and asked my husband to let us try again as I didn't want to celebrate my next birthday without my baby in my arms. Then, we visited the clinic, Origene Health Service at Ikoyi and started another plan in October 2020. It wasn't an easy journey though but God saw us through. I was scheduled December 7th for my Embryo transfer. Come Dec 20th, a day before I should take the Home Pregnancy Test my fear grew like never before. But to God be glory, my test came back POSITIVE! Truly, what God cannot do does not exist! My testimonial would be incomplete if I fail to appreciate the Origene Team as a whole, from Yetunde to Nurse Gbemi, the Embryologist mama and every other person. Forgive me as am not good with names. Thank you so much for the reception, support, your silent prayers, encouragement and help throughout my Journey at the Clinic. You were all wonderful! Mr & Mrs A

I was given a referral from the group I work with on Facebook to Dr Ogunkinle Babtunde, Origene Health Services. The group gives referral to only the best, tested and approved by the numerous testimonies received from its members, including myself. Glory be to God. I have been trusting God for babies for 11 years plus, started my IVF process, with low AMH. We were considering going for donor eggs when the Doc advised we try one more time with my eggs, which we considered. I was given the best possible treatment, words cannot describe the love and peace I felt with the Doc and his team, they are simply exceptional and amazing set of people. I started the process, took my routine drugs and injections, they kept calling to check on me. Fast forward to July 22nd, I went for my pregnancy test, it was like a dream, my first time testing positive. God is surely working with these set of professionals no doubt. Its amazing when doctors believe and trust in the power of God. I was confirmed both in blood and transvaginal scan, saw my baby and heard its heartbeat, joyous moment. The best feeling ever. God bless the team. If you have been considering other fertility specialist, please I would love you start up with Origene Health Services. These people are God sent, am happy to be associated and connected to them. Love you all. ~Anonymous

I was given a referral from a close friend I work with to meet Dr Ogunkinle Babtunde, Origene Health Services. What touched me more was the love I received from day one, the frequent calls and follow up from Doc and the team. I tested positive after my first attempt with Origene and to God be the Glory my testimony baby is here. Mrs. N

After the first meeting with Dr. O, it became quite obvious that he was different from the other doctors I have been to. He ensured my husband was present and participated fully in almost all meetings, him and his team encouraged my husband to become my home nurse... He ended up being the one who gave me all the injections... And it's safe to say because of Doctor O, we were bonding again through this process, but most importantly Dr O listened to me. To us.. Infact all through the process, he listened and valued our opinion... That gave us confidence... And faith in him... Him and his team are always so cheerful, friendly, and professional... Even when we got negatives from IUI and ovulation simulation, he apologized like it was his fault... He made our IVF process as stress free as he could. I was able to pull it off, the injections, the appointments and all with my tight schedule at work because of him and his team. He will always call and check on me like I was his only patient, and after the IVF 2 weeks wait, he woke me by 5am anxious about the results. He was even more anxious than I was.. lol.. I simply love the way he treats everyone like an individual.. Like you are his only concern at the moment. To God be the glory.. With all the challenges, we have our BFP and waxing stronger each day... There is nothing like having a team of medical professionals who through their actions relaxes your body and mind to be positive... Such can only bring positive results... We are so grateful to our awesome God for his mercies and favours.. And We are grateful to the Angels he has used to bless our family... Mr.& Mrs. O

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 7 years now. I got to know about Origene in my search for fertility clinics online. They have a very professional, caring, and amazing team. The team made me feel so much at home and loved. I'll laugh so much and forget sorrow 😂 My treatment was not overwhelming at all and no side effects. Thankfully, I have a very cute bouncing baby boy after my first cycle 😁😁😁 God bless this great team in Jesus name. I bless the day our paths crossed 🤗

My experience with Origene has left me in a blessed and euphoric state. The more I hear of other people's experiences at other fertility clinics/hospital, the more I am assured that it was God's direction and a match assigned by God through prayers. My husband and I felt at home from the 1st call to the clinic and after our 1st visit, we were satisfied to go ahead with Dr O and the team we met. There was never any point we felt coerced or rushed into making a decision we were not pleased with. We were loaded with necessary information and not taken by surprises, and questions were answered to our satisfaction. Dr O is patient-centric, focused, and very experienced (I & hubby still have an inside joke from a comment Dr O made one time I was overwhelmed with the entire ivf process). We started with the clinic in 2020. Dr O was thorough and guided us through what processes (which included referral to a fantastic Dr/surgeon for myomectomy) we needed to undergo to achieve success and finally God answered us in year 2021 on our 1st try of IVF in our 7th year of marriage. We are now blessed with a bouncing divinely blessed baby boy. I can say the entire Origene team is like family going by our experience with them. From the lovely embryologist, Mrs Oludayo, who took our 1st call to the clinic, to Yetunde, the ever-cheerful office manager, who contributed immensely to our pleasant experience, to the wonderful nurses: Gbemi, Oluchi, and most especially Ezinne that I got to disturb countless times during the entire ivf procedure. The care and follow up didn't end after the procedure as I constantly received checkup calls even up till delivery of our miracle and this has made it easy to make referrals as the care and empathy speaks for Origene. As I mentioned earlier, we have no regrets with Origene. I pray everyone that has an encounter with you will be blessed too in Jesus Mighty Name.

We were referred to Origene Fertility Clinic by the Ibidunni Ighodalo Foundation as one of the beneficiaries of the IVF Grant. Our first clinic appointment was a wonderful one. The Staff were friendly, accommodating, and cheerful. The Doctor was calm with a positive mind (I’ve met other Doctors that weren’t calm enough to give explanation to patients). The journey began and each clinic appointment was a success, from the baseline scan to finally, the Embryo Transfer procedure. The journey of eight years in waiting was brought to an end by God using Origene Fertility as a vessel. To God alone be the Glory. A big thank you to the entire Staff of Origene Fertility Clinic. We appreciate you. More success stories shall be recorded in the Clinic in Jesus Name! Mr and Mrs A.

Good morning and thank you so much to the MD and entire staff of Origene Health Services. With Joy in our hearts and all glory to God Almighty, we want to let you know that our son was born on the 10th of December. We’re all doing well. We really appreciate your kindness, concern, and highly professional services we received. Thank you once again. Mr. and Mrs. E.

FROM NOTHING TO TWO. Yay! It's our Transanniversary💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾. It didn't look like it in the beginning but here we are a year after, and the twins (a girl & a boy😊) are with us. I remember the day of my first pregnancy scan, and I saw the Embryologist kneel, and raise hands in appreciation to God and I prayed in my heart, mine won't make her stop smiling. Thank you, great Embryologist. May God continue to use you to make homes. Thank you, our Origene Family, for allowing God to use you to save lives. We are grateful. Mr. & Mrs E.

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