Dear Dr. Ogunkile,

We sincerely want to thank you and the entire staff of Origene, you guys were phenomenal!!!!!!!!!

I remember our first consultation, you said you don’t give babies but you will offer the best of service and you sincerely hope that a baby will come out of it. Thank you for keeping to your word! Thank you for paying attention,  thank you for not giving up on me and my funny attitude of missing timelines and appointments!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever the Lord does is forever,  we intend to visit with the babies(honey mix) as you call them!!!! And celebrate with you all.

Once again, thank you so much, my deepest gratitude goes to the team too. The Nurses, the embryologist, (she kept calling to check on me all the time), the receptionist, the money man(our invoices are up to date), the security guys, and everyone working behind the scene.
I pray that the Lord will bless you all richly!!!!!!!!!!. 

Yours Sincerely,

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