I was in the university when I first saw a pamphlet on infertility. My immediate response was “ God forbid! This is not my portion and it doesn’t concern me”!.  Infertility is a disease of the reproductive system and is no respecter of race, tribe, religion or gender. The cause of infertility in couples may […]

Personal experience has a way of hitting us in many ways. Age and fertility are not the best of partners. Age can be very hostile in some instances particularly when it comes to reproduction and this has also made “time” very unfriendly. Unfortunately, many of us do not appreciate this fact. Age plays a major […]

Fertility and infertility is commonly seen as a subject that concerns some sect or age group. Auntie’s and Uncle’s in their 20’s, it’s you I am talking about so please come back here. This is a subject for all. We are here to be educated, to shake some tables, totally break some, inspire and keep […]