I am beyond thankful that I was introduced to Origene this year, and I would 1000{63251a66f9b671b76878e0fac2d78f2e82fddbd0e4153dc777f6c36c1e02e8ed} recommend the facility to anyone who is considering fertility treatment. Every single person is amazing, amiable and professional. I remember my first day there, I really liked the ambience and felt comfortable. Over time my trepidation and worry about the fertility treatment process melted away when I started working closely with the ever meticulous Dr. O (as he is popularly called, I like to call him Doctor Tunde) and his team. I felt heard every step of the way, and never rushed. And I would sometimes reach out to the nurses and doctors via WhatsApp whenever I had additional questions or needed to make clarifications.

No one really wants to feel just like a specimen just lying down on any medical doctor’s table in their quest to make a baby. Unfortunately, in the journey of infertility, it is very easy to feel that way from the constant prodding and I have felt like that on several occasions from visiting several medical centers, but NEVER at Origene. It always felt “Ok let’s do this, let’s figure this thing out”. My dignity as a human was ALWAYS intact. 

Praise God, my first IVF cycle was a success and it was indeed a shared moment of joy for every single member of the team. Another plus is that I have heard of a lot of facilities that demand 100percent upfront payment even before commencing treatment, but the flexibility in payment was also a joy for my husband and I.

Again, thank you to the Origene team from the ever warm office manager to all the nurses, embryologist and Doctor Tunde himself. Even after I have “graduated” from the clinic following the successful IVF treatment, I still feel like a close member of the Origene team. 


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