Mrs Oludayo Yusuf

Mrs Oludayo Yusuf

Senior Embryologist

Mrs Oludayo Yusuf is the Senior Embryologist at Origene Fertility. She
bagged her BSc. (Hons) degree in Biochemical Sciences, Medical and Industrial Biochemistry from the University of Salford, UK (1996-1999). Before
proceeding to the University of Warwick for a PGA in Assisted Reproductive Technology.

She worked at The Sickle Cell Foundation as a Research Scientist working in
Pre-natal diagnosis of sickle cell.

She then moved to The Bridge Fertility Clinic in 2003, where she trained as a Clinical Embryologist and rose to the Head of the IVF Laboratory unit till 2015.

Mrs. Yusuf has dedicated close to 20 years to an extensive learning, research and practice of all the aspects of Assisted Reproduction and has a wealth of testimonials to show. She and Dr. Babatunde Ogunkinle started Origene with a vision to walk the infertility journey with intending parents.

Mrs. Yusuf is happily married and blessed with children.