I got married 2015, and since then I have been trying to have my own baby but it was not coming. I spoke with Dr.Chudi (ATG) and he referred me to Origene Health Services

I contacted the clinic phone number and booked appointment. My first visit convinced me that I will get result. The environment is very peaceful, neat and organized.

The Doctors and nurses I met are amazing. The Consultant Doctor O, the female embryologist, Yetunde, Nurse Anita, Nurse Gbemisola etc., you guys are Amazing​, you made the whole journey easier for my husband and I.

The Appointments and the follow up was very professional. I remember the days I broke down and cried, the warm hug I got from the senior embryologist reassuring me that God love me and will give me the best result. The whole process was not stressful at all, if I get confused on any of my drugs, I call and get cleared. The amazing part was that I did not get any hidden charges.

I remember thinking that fibroids and PCOS will stop me getting result but DR O after some test told me it’s not a problem as the position of the fibroids won’t affect anything.

After all treatment, harvesting, fertilizing and implantation, the 14 days waiting for confirmation was the longest wait of my life. I got a PT, the one they sell 50 naira and boom it was a big fat positive, for the first time since I got married, I am seeing a positive pregnancy result, wow.

My breath stopped for some seconds, the morning was still very young, everywhere was so quiet yet I could hear the sound of my heartbeat. My hands were shaking, then fresh tears rolled down my cheeks. I came out from bathroom, my sweet husband was still sleeping. I went to the sitting room, the air conditioner was on, but I was sweating. I called one of the Nurses Anita , she said I should come to the clinic for blood test, I did and yes I am pregnant. They kept on managing me until it was time to refer me to another hospital for antenatal, then when it’s time for delivery, I now went to my choice of hospital and delivered my Twins (a boy and a girl) on the 30th of August 2020.

Thank you Origene for what God used you to do in my family.

I have directed and still directing some of my friends. The last person I directed is also pregnant, they all got results.

Mrs U

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