My wife and I discovered Origene while looking for safe and affordable fertility medical services in Nigeria in September 2018. Finding a good doctor wasn’t an easy task because although it was expected that a good number of doctors were in this practice, not many patients were open to share their experience or at least give a review for us to gauge.

At the time we were in a hurry to get the procedure done because of the anticipation of having potential success by summer. Fortunately or Unfortunately this wasn’t the case although we admit it was a very special journey nonetheless.

The Origene staff pays good attention to detail. Dr. Ogunkile and Mrs. Dayo Yusuf are very friendly and have become a unique part of your lives. I liked to think of them almost as Father Time and Mother Nature. They are a very experienced pair and it honestly didn’t feel like a patient/doctor relationship, it was more.

They were always checking up on us and making sure we were okay throughout the entire
procedure. They would go the extra mile always and this included numerous sessions of counseling. They were there during the happy moments and the sad, the laughter and the tears. It was an emotional roller-coaster that turned out for the best. 

The day we had all been expecting finally arrived with the first test result at 7am coming out as false negative. I remember the shivers running down my spine and being thrown into a temporary state of confusion. We embraced our fears and with face in palm, teeth chattering we repeated the test almost instantaneously. 

JACKPOT…we hit the lottery.

 God bless Dr. O, Mrs Dayo Yusuf and Origene!!!!

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