I was given a referral from the group I work with on Facebook to Dr. Ogunkinle Babtunde, Origene Health Services. The group gives referrals to only the best, tested and approved by the numerous testimonies received from its members, including myself. Glory be to God. I have been trusting God for babies for 11 years plus, started my IVF process, with low AMH.

We were considering going for donor eggs when the Doc advised we try one more time with my eggs, which we considered. I was given the best possible treatment, words cannot describe the love and peace I felt with the Doc and his team, they are simply exceptional and amazing sets of people. I started the process, took my routine drugs and injections, they kept calling to check on me.

Fast forward to July 22nd, I went for my pregnancy test, it was like a dream, my first time testing positive. God is surely working with this set of professionals no doubt. It’s amazing when doctors believe and trust in the power of God.

I was confirmed both in blood and transvaginal scan saw my baby and heard its heartbeat, joyous moment. The best feeling ever.

God bless the team. If you have been considering another fertility specialist, please I would love you
to start up with Origene Health Services. These people are God sent, am happy to be associated and connected to them.

Love you all.

~Mr & Mrs I.

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