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Kivicare Ear, Nose and Throat is dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluation of ear, nose and throat disorders in a comfortable, patient-friendly environment. We commonly treat snoring, ear infections, tonsils, adenoids, hoarseness, swallowing, problems, head & neck tumors, nasal, obstruction, sinusitis, allergies, skin cancer, hearing loss.

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Providing Best
ENT Treatments


Ear Treatment

Kivicare ENT provides medical evaluation and treatment for a variety of ear conditions.


Nose Treatment

Kivicare ENT physicians take care for your nose, sinuses and allergies.


Throat Treatment

Kivicare ENT center includes all of the diseases of the mouth, voice box, windpipe and teeth.


Pioneer Treatment

Kivicare ENT have specialized in medical and surgical diseases of the ears, nose and throat.

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Kivicare is proud to be a leader and trusted provider of ENT services. For over 20 years, we have and continue to provide world class ENT/Otolaryngology services.

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Mediclaim Facilities

Comprehensive Hospitalization Coverage Without Any Sub-Limits.


Stitch-less Surgery

The world over, surgeons do eardrum hole surgeries using fascia from near the ear and stitching the hole with its patch.



Kivicare ENT Center has proudly served across world for many years, winning awards for our excellent standard of care.


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My husband & I have been trying to achieve conception for about 10 years. After a failed attempt of conception through IVF from a fertility clinic, we were referred to Origene Health Services. Dr. Ogunkinle was very professional such that we had peace of mind from our first consultation. His maturity and patience in satisfying my curiosity were amazing. The entire Origene team was warm and helpful during our procedure. Also, the serenity and ambiance of the clinic leave us with a good feeling after every visit. We can’t thank the ORIGENE team enough. Today I am pregnant with triplets. Praise God!!! I will gladly recommend ORIGENE HEALTH SERVICES to ‘Waiting Mothers’. I think they’ve got the Midas Touch. Mrs Victoria B

I think they’ve got the Midas Touch.

“We happily got married and expected conception to follow soon after, however within the first 3 years of marriage, no conception had happened. Within this period, we had visited several centres to seek help but the feedbacks were on the negative side until a very dear friend advised we visit Origene Health Service. The Origene team were wonderful from first contact till date.. “

Mr & Mrs C. ON

“To every expectant mother out there! (for now and the future). I will like to start by saying that in God all things are possible. Believe the best and be positive. It will happen. I believed for 10+ years and then my desire started to manifest since 2013. I conceived my first child, 10 years after my first encounter with Dr. Ogunkinle … “

Mrs T.I

“We would like to thank you for the positive experience and extraordinary care and attention provided all through our treatment. That personal touch we always look for in a Doctor was very prominent and you provided explanations when we were in doubt. We are very eased with the final result of our treatment… “

Mr & Mrs O

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