I composed this email months ago and I don’t know why I still found it among my drafts. Pregnancy brain? 

I would like to express my profound gratitude to the entire Origene team for allowing God to use them to bridge the gap between my gynaecological history and motherhood.

I came to Origene with very specific needs, some of which were beyond just getting a positive pregnancy test, and they were met. I needed my questions answered, I needed consideration for my time management, I needed to decide whether to stop or keep trying, and I needed a more realistic, more logical, and less emotional approach. I had specific needs which included open, detailed and honest conversations, even if it meant accepting a difficult reality.

Special thanks to Doctor Babatunde Ogunkinle and Dayo Yusuf (the embryologist) for painstakingly providing detailed answers to my numerous questions. I know I ask a lot of questions. For me, information is everything. Being a realist and an analyst, my approach to problem solving is to process information and realistically choose an option, even if it is not my preferred option. As badly as I wanted to be a mother, I had reached the difficult point after trying for 5 years with tenacity where I needed to protect my mental health.

My very first IVF cycle with Origene was in fact my 5th IVF cycle overall, and I got pregnant!

The attention to detail, the personalised treatment, very transparent decision making, even the calm and serene ambience all worked perfectly well for me and I felt at home trusting them with my family’s future. I want to once again say a very big thank you to the entire Origene team. The Doctors, Nurses, Front desk staff, the entire team. Everyone was so helpful.

I have since been recommending and will continue to recommend Origene as the fertility clinic of choice.

Mr and Mrs I

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