Nine agonizing years of waiting and trying for a child had left us discouraged and despondent. 

Of course, we had tried several medical procedures, IUIs, and the likes. One particularly embarrassing and difficult IVF procedure/misadventure in the hands of an unethical and shylock fertility specialist in Abuja had left an extremely bitter taste in our mouths. We had been seriously exploited emotionally and financially by this so-called specialist. At that point, we felt we had come to the end of our rope. It seemed all hope was lost and in truth, we had all but given up on our dreams of becoming parents.

Then in early January 2018, through a close family member, we learned of Origene Health services. Understandably at first, we were reluctant to begin again and make contact, but thanks to persistent encouragement from this family member (who herself had received a miracle baby through Origene health services, after 5 years of marriage) we decided to try one more time.

Meeting Dr. Ogunkile was an interesting experience. Not only did he exhibit impeccable professionalism and integrity he showed rare empathy and genuine care for us as clients. 
Through all the processes of scheduled appointments during our treatment and egg collection and fertilization Dr. Ogunkile and Dr. Dayo displayed humility, compassion and true professionalism. 

To cut a long story short after the IVF procedure we miraculously received the answer to our prayers! We could not believe it. We confirmed pregnancy via tests 6 weeks after our procedure and 9 months afterward our little bundle of joy has arrived! 

Dr. Ogunkile and his team of excellent support personnel at Origene health services have been a tremendous blessing to us. We remain grateful to God that we crossed paths.

Indeed, God used Origene health services to end our many years of heartache and now we are proud parents of a beautiful baby girl! 

We most certainly recommend their facility and promise you that you will receive competent care and treatment under a safe, professional and non-exploitative
atmosphere. We definitely recommend Dr. Ogunkile and Origene health services.

With lots of gratitude,

The Olus

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